Dominas by Max Eicke, Kehrer-Verlag, 2016

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Dominas Book (Kehrer Verlag)

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Designed by Cedric Vilim
PVC-Flexcover with silk-screen print
26 x 34 cm
96 pages
48 color and b/w ills.
ISBN 978-3-86828-746-2

»It was an experiment with an uncertain outcome when the London-based photographer Max Eicke began to shoot portraits of dominatrices. He strove to explore the boundaries between the interior and the exterior: What is a mask? What is real? How much veracity is there in the way the women present themselves – beyond glaring red lips and a stern gaze? The results are portraits of strong personalities and wounded souls, of dedication and business acumen, of great empathy and lurid coldness.«
(Tobias Schmitz, Stern)

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